Ryan “pack” May – Director

Amanda “Dragon Heart” Rodriguez – Chief Financial Officer

Victor “Trickyvic99” Sierra – Head of Marketing Communications

Alan “SmeXsy” Aguilar – Head Coach

Aidan “LE0N -.-” Leon – Head Manager

Patrick “INEX” Jimenez – Officer

Jason “Jivey” Ivey – Officer

Miguel “Retro” Phetteplace – Officer

What We Do

     NM State Esports is the hub for all gaming on campus. From the most hardcore competitors to those looking to have fun and meet new friends, our goal is to help all of our student members become the best possible version of themselves.

     Through video games, we have learned that there is a healthy balance to everything. We want our members to experience this, and grow physically, mentally, and spiritually. We do this by engaging our members both inside and outside of video games, as well as giving our members something to be proud of.